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Shri Krishna Fruit Processors (P) LTD.

Get the purity of NECTAR in the juices from SHRI KRISHNA FRUIT PROCESSORS (P) LTD . Its wide range of twelve flavours is energy packed; is goldmines of nutrition and is booster of one’s health. Taste the wondrous fruit juices, and receive the thrill and chill feel of various fruits. The SHRI KRISHNA FRUIT PROCESSORS (P) LTD is the fast emerging leading brand in the segment of non-alcoholic… 

The SHRI KRISHNA FRUIT PROCESSORS (P) LTD, a Pre-eminent brand of purity, health and excellence, occupies an epitomic place in the segment of the non alcoholic beverage segment. it has been launchedin auspicious year of 2015 and innovative work, ingenuity and constant preseverance it has achived the market.

Its forerunning product the SHRI KRISHNA FRUIT PROCESSORS (P) LTD, comes in wide range of twelve amazing flavours. We have received an overwhelming response of people for its new delightful taste and freshness. They have expressed their fondness for our fruit juices on every media platform, which is also reflected through the market studies and research that shows high buying rates of our fruit juices.

Our fruit beverages have their strong presence not only in PAN INDIA in Nepal also. The fresh and the best of the fruits are Important for making our pure juices. We are proud to inform you that we use the latest technology of pressure crushing for making our fruit juices. If SHRI KRISHNA FRUIT PROCESSORS (P) LTD enjoys today this leading position in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, then this is because of the dedicated team of our employees.

So become a proud part of our company and get the pure deal.

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